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Information & Disclaimers

Accommodations section below


1. Enough food for their stay with us

2. At least one item that smells like home/ the owner
3. ANYTHING else is fine too! We don’t limit you.                          
*We are not responsible for any misplaced, damaged, or left at the kennel                          items.                               
* We have an inventory of blankets and food/water dishes that you’re welcome to use!     

Requirements prior to booking

1. Registration completed at saraswaggytails.com (Under Menu, select Register, follow steps)

2. Proof of vet record showing that the animal is up to date for vaccines on: Bordetella, Rabies and Parvo/DHLPP.
**Please note: it MUST include a veterinarian's signature (sometimes stamped by the vet office)  


4. Set up a meet and greet (Strongly recommend) *** This way, the owner and dog(s) can see the area and feel comforted by the level of care their animal is receiving.

Pickup/Dropoff Hours, Attendance, Holidays

  • Pick up and Drop off hours are during meal times (8:00-8:30am) and (5:00-5:30pm) only. 

  • Attendance: You MUST Cancel AT LEAST 24 hours prior to your drop off time. If the customer fails to notify Sara's Waggy Tails at least 24 hours prior, they will owe Sara's Waggy Tails 50% of the total cost                               
    If you are consistently (More than 3 times within a two week period) more than 15 minutes late without notifying us of a change in your schedule, we will have to charge an extra $1 per minute after the first 15 minutes.

  • On Christmas Day, we ask that you respect that our doors are closed to HUMANS. We will still be taking care of the animals and communicating updates with the owners. Other major holidays will have limited availability, but we will still be open.t you respect that our doors are closed to HUMANS. We will still be taking care of the animals and communicating updates with the owners. Other major holidays will have limited availability, but we will still be open.   

Boarding & Daycare Accomodations

We HIGHLY recommend a MEET-AND-GREET prior to their stay with us. 


Thinking of choosing Sara's Waggy Tails? We're located in Powell, TN! We are a family farm setting where dogs not only play in the fenced in areas, but where there are several acres to walk the dogs as well. We do allow dogs to play together, if their individual temperaments allow. If your dog does better just being with humans or playing alone, we can accommodate that. All play is supervised by at least one human. 

Check In Area

We have a closed off check in area to ensure safety between dogs that are playing in the play area and the dogs being checked in, just in case their personalities meshing or nervousness.
We send video/picture updates to let you know how your dog is doing!
We have the following appliances on site: Washer, Dryer, Sink, Microwave, Refrigerator/Freezer.
Lick Mats: If your animal is anxious, we offer peanut butter on lick mats served cold!

Indoor Play Area

We keep toys out for the dogs to play with during multiple play groups per day. We keep different types of toys out, to ensure your dog is getting his/her own sensory needs (squeakers, stuffed animals, hard toys). We match the dogs up by temperament and watch to make sure dogs are good together before we allow play to start. If a dog needs a play group by his/herself, that is easily accommodated.

Individual Kennels- Indoor

 The main four kennels are 5'X10' on the inside (first four kennels) and 4’X 8’ (for the other three kennels) and have their personal doggy door that goes out to their individual outdoor areas, which are asphalted. They're always able to access indoor and outdoors when we have to step out. We also have a visible barrier between each kennel for if someone is intially fearful/reactive of their neighbor. If needed, we will cover the full side, because we want ALL dogs to feel their best with us- like they're on their own vacation!

Individual Kennels- Outdoor

They have the doggy door to access inside and outside portions at any time.- There's two solar lights outside of the outdoor portion of the kennels that is motion sensored at night so they won't have to potty in the dark.

Outdoor Community Play Area

We have a large outdoor play area for dogs to enjoy the outdoors and play either with the adults and/or with other dogs! We watch their body language and personality before attempting to introduce them to other doggos. We have a dog pool, hanging bungee rope, and other outdoor toys to suit everyone's needs. 
**EACH DOG GETS A  MINIMUM OF 3 PLAY GROUPS PER DAY, plus individual time to walk, play with humans, whatever they tell us that they need.

Local Walks/ Pet Check Ins

We take care of all the critters at your home!

Walks & Check Ins "Paw"ticulars

Are you within a few short miles of Sara's Waggy Tails? Do you have critters that need a 30 or 60 minute check in per day?

What's included automatically?-
Feed/ Water

Play Time

Scratches and snuggles

Cleaning (litter boxes, poop scooping) Daily Picture Updates

Please notate on your online form if you need the following or any other needs during the visits:

 * Lock the deadbolt 

* Check Mail
 * Trash take out 

 * Alternate lights in house daily 

 * Let Out in Fenced Yard 
 * Leashed walk 
 * Extra Play Time 
 * Put Pet in a crate/ closed off area      when leaving

What do we need from you?

**Meet and Greets are REQUIRED prior to services starting

This may be the service for you!I must have the following information BEFORE services begin

1. A Meet and Greet at your home- this helps for the animals to meet their sitter and for us to see where all needed items will be located.

2. Emergency Contact Information

3. Veterinary office information

4. Leave detailed instructions for feedings or any relevant information.5. Make us aware of ANY negative behaviors , ongoing illnesses, allergies, etc.

And of course- What's your animals' favorite things to do or play?


We try to keep everything simple. If we can get all of your animals' needs completed within the alloted time, it's a set price

30 minute visits: $18

60 minute visits: $28

If you are beyond 10 miles from our location, we charge an additional $1 per mile.